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Perfect Apartment in Staunton

Choosing The Right Apartment

How do you know what apartment is right for you? Choosing your apartment can be almost as difficult as choosing a house. While it might not be as permanent as buying a home, its still important to consider the community’s features, location, cost, and availability while searching for the perfect apartment for you!


What location is best depends from person to person. Is it close to your job? If you are a student, is it close to your school? Or, if you are a parent, is it within the right school district?

Some downtown apartments offer convenient access to restaurants and stores but will come with a higher price tag. While a community outside of town might be quieter and offer more affordability.


Apartment Fitness CenterWhen choosing an apartment many times future residents can be roped in by amazing community amenities, but are they really worth the price? Consider how often you will use those amenities and which ones are worth paying more money per month. Having a fitness center included with the community could save you money on gym fees and help motivate you to work out more! But if you don’t have any dogs, is a community dog park going to be worthwhile for you? While extra amenities may seem like a great deal, don’t get roped into paying for something you won’t use!


Most apartment renters will be familiar with the dreaded waitlist. You found your perfect apartment community, but the floorplan you want isn’t available! Many apartment communities offer a variety of floorplans to choose from and depending on how quickly you need to move in, you might need to be flexible with the type of layout you choose.

Size and Features

Apartment Living RoomOne of the most important things to consider in an apartment is the size, not just the total square footage, but is it the right size for you? Singles and students may find a one-bedroom apartment just perfect for their needs and budget. While a couple moving in together might prefer an extra bedroom for guests or for future children.

If you have a dog, not only do you need a pet-friendly apartment community but would a first-floor apartment be the best choice to avoid running up and down the stairs four times a day?

Size and features are some of the hardest things to balance with availability, but one helpful tip is to make a list of the features you Need, versus the ones you Want. Then you can make sure your apartment checks off everything you need and see which ones check off more things you want!

Choosing the right apartment is different for everyone, but weighing all the options can help you make the best decision! At Big Sky, we’d love to be your perfect apartment in Staunton! We invite you to come out and take a tour and see if we are right for you!